It is right to be wrong and wrong to be right.

Creative director, graphic designer, nightlife sorcerer, celebrated DJ, an unconventional role-model, party organizer and much more. A vision passing through three decades of Helsinki nightlife. Since 1994 Pietari Kaakkomäki have been playing in every major club and event in Finland. He has also promoted the well respected club nights Flop, Doom, Pump & La Persé.

Pietari Kaakkomäki operates under the punchline "Beauty isn´t always pretty": a smart blender music, nightlife, extreme beauty, art directions, gender illusions and designer merchandise. Mixing iconographic elements from different subcultures and advertising Kaakkomäki creates his very own symbology and celebrates metamorphosis. (From a distance you can hear Andy Warhol's skeleton rattling noise) He has never been interested in what’s trendy and now. Because Pietari Kaakkomäki creates iconic graphic designs, illustrations and visual identities that will be hot tomorrow and classics forever. He acts as the catalyst, liberating positive forces. That’s his touch. He works now for a colorful palette of clients ranging from fashionistas and music industry giants to museums and titans of business.

Dreams and designs in color.

Pietari Kaakkomäki:
Favorite song? High Energy.
Favorite food? Eye candy.
Favorite color? The whole rainbow.
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